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Improve with every round and play for the win with GolfNow Compete.

GolfNow Compete is the only way to turn any round of golf into a fun competition. Choose from next-level games and multiple scoring options, build a competition for you and your friends, and keep score for your group. All for free.


Multiple scoring formats, games, and challenges are built in, so you can choose the options that give anyone in your group a chance to come out on top. And the live scoring and shared scorecard let you know who’s in the lead.

Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon

Break up your 18-hole round of golf into 5, 6, or even 8 different competitions for plenty of chances to win!


Three traditional competitions – front 9, back 9, and overall score – give everyone a chance to take the lead.


Go for the gold! Best score on the day wins, and the winner takes all.


Each player scores points based on number of strokes, and the highest point total wins.

Modified Stableford

Subtract points for bogies and worse; the highest point total takes the win.

Want to compete for more than bragging rights? Add virtual wagers to your competitions, choose amounts, and keep track of which of your friends is in the lead.

Compete built-in GPS distance and elevation

Make Every shot count

The all-in-one GolfNow Compete app includes built-in GPS distance and elevation info so you can pick the right club for every shot, on every course.

  • GPS layouts, distances, and elevation for 30,000+ golf courses worldwide
  • Wind direction info, hazard placements, elevation information and much more 

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Built-in scoring for you and your full group

Easily keep score for your own round, handle scoring for any type of competition you set up with friends, and track your score in large tournaments, charity events, and more. 

Live leaderboard

Shot-by-shot information on where you and your friends stand in any game or tournament

Group Scoring

Shared scorecards let everyone track their game live

Invite Friends

Add friends to play head-to-head or build a group competition

Compete live leaderboard, group scoring and friend invites

Compete shot tracking and post-round analysis

Improve your game and play your best golf yet

Stay competition ready with shot-for-shot tracking and post-round analysis that shows exactly where you can shoot better and climb the leaderboard.

Average score

Keep tabs on your overall play and averages for par, birdie or better, and par or worse

Average strokes

See how well you play on par-3, par-4, and par-5 holes

Tee-to-green accuracy

Find out exactly how frequently you hit the fairways and how often you’re getting to the green in regulation

Putting performance

Average putts per hold and per round let you know how well you do on the dance floor

Friendly competition with family and friends

GolfNow Compete makes it easy to add some excitement to your outing. Traditional and custom competitions, games, and scoring give you multiple ways to amp up the fun.

Competition details


Easily create matchups for you and your friends, or join local tournaments and charity events for the full competition experience.

Live leaderboard


Live leaderboards let you know where you stand, and easy registration and management tools make tournaments easy.

Put It all on the line

Challenge your friends to compete for bragging rights and more.

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